May trip: where to go on vacation


Майские путешествия: куда лучше отправиться на отдых May is the perfect time to travel.

May the whole – entirely – has to travel. Weather is fantastic, the days are bright and long, the mood – “the eve of summer.” And you can go anywhere: the whole world in may, especially fresh. Some ideas for the may trip – the selection of Vogue UA.

Dodecanese Islands, Greece
The Greek Islands – a whitewashed stone village, illuminated by the blue Aegean, ancient ruins and small fishing villages on the coast. Dodecanese is 12 large Islands (including Rhodes) and many small ones – a perfect illustration of the classic tourist views of island Greece. To feel the real taste of Greek life are the volcanic island of Nisyros, which is famous for its hospitality and is a popular point among European artists. Symi, located half an hour drive from the Turkish coast, it is possible to dine “under the stars” Michelin, island of Megisti remember the steps of Pink Floyd, and the Patmos – an incredible example of Byzantine architecture.

Hidden somewhere in the Mediterranean sea between Sicily and Tunisia, Malta is a tumultuous mix of European and African culture. The tiny archipelago’s really starting to warm up by may, so time can be spent like from bronze on the hot sand on the beach in a hidden Cove, and exploring ancient ruins and quaint fishing villages in the area. If pressed for time, is to go to the smallest capital of Europe, Valletta, for a long weekend. Individual enthusiasm here – the Maltese kitchen, generously seasoned with Mediterranean mood. Not to miss: honey-glazed rabbit and pistachio cannoli. Numerous wine bars tucked away in the winding streets. The city is so ancient, it seems an open Museum of the sea.

Майские путешествия: куда лучше отправиться на отдых

Tel Aviv, Israel
Beach holidays and busy weekend in the city – tel Aviv can offer both. The locals fully fill the beaches and terraces just in time for may. For those interested in cultural heritage, the direct road to the Jaffa – one of the main ports of ancient Israel and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Майские путешествия: куда лучше отправиться на отдых

Tuscany, Italy

For those who do not love Italy, the trip to Tuscany will be the last straw. The birthplace of the Italian language is filled with objects from the List of UNESCO world heritage, luxury, medieval country houses and atmospheric ancient towns. This region is also famous for the grape vines of the Chianti countryside, charming historic villages on the Italian Riviera – Cinque Terre and unforgettable coastal Maremma area. Florence, capital of Tuscany, is ideal for walking in summer dress and Gelato.

Майские путешествия: куда лучше отправиться на отдых

Istanbul, Turkey

May is the last opportunity to see not hot and not muggy Istanbul before the summer. Istanbul, which is from Kiev hand, plays on the contrast of European and Asian cultures. The buzzing bazaars overflowing with spices and trinkets, peacefully coexist next to modern art galleries. The singing of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer, mingling with the sounds of electronic music coming from the Nightclubs, boats floating on the Bosphorus.

Майские путешествия: куда лучше отправиться на отдых

Algarve, Portugal
First of all, the southern region, the Algarve is a beach vacation. Beach with pure white sand here stretches for 200 km and built with luxury hotels and spas. In may is already warm enough to sunbathe and swim, but the peak season is still far away, so you can count on more or less private spaces. Despite the fact that the Algarve is synonymous with beach Paradise, here is where to walk around the quiet streets and surrounded by olive groves.

Майские путешествия: куда лучше отправиться на отдых

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Tbilisi, Georgia
In may, the weather in Georgia is comfortable for long walks and evening vigils with the wine on the terraces. The capital, however, as the whole country, atmosphere and contrast. Modern buildings, Soviet architecture and ancient cobbled streets create a unique, eclectic urban, the “story”. Delicious Georgian cuisine – a real danger! Rich chakhokhbili, khinkali and khachapuri protivostoyat difficult. As the Georgian wine here flows like water.

Майские путешествия: куда лучше отправиться на отдых


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