May holidays: best holiday ideas for different “wallet”


Майские праздники: лучше идеи для отдыха на разный «кошелек»Travel to Ukraine and the world.

A little less than a month remains before traditional holidays in may holidays. We will remind, will walk from 28 April to 2 may and 9 may, and at the end of the month, on the Trinity — from 26 th to 29. “Today” to find out where and how much you can relax.

Its course

Railway tickets to the most popular destinations have remained little — until the city was left only trains “intercity” (from 350 UAH) to Sunny Odessa only has a few “suites” (500 UAH). But in the Ivano-Frankivsk you can choose between a reserved seat and compartment (from 150 to 360 UAH).

To rent a flat for may at a reasonable price, too difficult — all budget options long been dismantled.

“Compared with regular days, apartments may rise in price twice and even three times. Rent odnushki in Lviv will cost at least 600 UAH/day. For a one bedroom will have to pay UAH 1,000, and three-room for 6 persons — 1500 UAH. Rent one-bedroom apartment in Odessa can be from 500 UAH, two rooms — from 800 UAH, and three — room-from 1000 UAH. The closer Deribasovskaya, railway station, Primorsky Boulevard or one of the beaches, the higher the price,” say the Metropolitan realtors.


Package tours in Ukraine enough, and some of them are very interesting suggestions. For example, a three-day rafting on the rapids of the southern bug with the climbing cost 2150 UAH. Week in the Carpathian mountains with excursions — 3600 UAH. To go camping in the Carpathian mountains can and does over 1800 UAH. For 1000 it is possible to drive in a two-day tour of the Ukrainian Paris — Chernivtsi. And in the Odessa region offer a three-day tour in the “Ukrainian Venice” — Vilkovo. Price — 3400 UAH. “Sakura fest” in Uzhgorod offers to go for 3500 UAH, and at the festival “fire meat” in Mukachevo — 1200 UAH. In Kharkov offer tours for adults with a visit to the Museum of sexual cultures and tasting alcohol for 2400 UAH.

For bizwise

“With biometrics in the EU you can get anywhere. But the closer the date, the less likely good prices for accommodation and flights, — said the Manager of the capital of the tour operator Vladislav Kifaru. — On may popular Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic. There can be quick and inexpensive to get there is enough for 3-4 days and there are many city attractions”.

Three nights in Prague are from 97 euros (3.1 million UAH), the week in Karlovy vary will cost 259 euros (8.2 thousand UAH). From 190 euros (6.1 per thousand) will have to pay for the flight. In Budapest you can go for 240 euros (7.5 thousand UAH) for 5 nights, however, will have to get a train and bus and 3 nights with flights will cost 285 Euro (9.2 thousand UAH). But in the historical capital of Poland, Krakow, you can spend 5 days 190 euros (about 6.1 thousand UAH) with moving train and a stopover in Przemysl.

You can yank in warm countries: however, to save on early booking will not succeed, now we have to wait the burning prices for tours departing after 2-3 days. It is now a week in Egypt in may will cost 8 thousand UAH, Tunisia in the 9-10 thousand UAH, and Turkey — and also cheaper: 5-6 thousand UAH.


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