Max Barskih won in several categories of the prestigious award


The criterion was the number of views on YouTube.

The artist defended the status of “Singer of the year” and the main hit-maker, CIS, winning major nominations: “the Most popular performer on radio in 2017” and “waterway track of 2017”.

Yesterday was held the VI annual awards ceremony Top Hit Music Awards 2018 – impartial prize figures, based on intelligence and estimates rotations of more than five hundred Russian-speaking radio stations in the world and views on YouTube.

The triumph of the evening was Max Barsky (male vocals), recognized as the most played artist and author in 2017: tracks artist was broadcasted by radio 2 272 436 times, among which the primacy belongs to the songs of “Mists” with the rate of 1 035 041 and “My love” with the rate of 789 287 esters.

This is an unprecedented case in the domestic show-business, when the track artist for three consecutive years takes the leading positions in the League table of popular songs all over the CIS and Eastern Europe.


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