Mass murder in Australia: new details


Массовое убийство в Австралии: новые подробностиKilled three adults and four children.

Became known details of mass murder in Australia: three adults and four children were found dead in the house. There was Katherine Cockman with parents and young children. According to one version, the murder of a family suspected Aaron Cockman — ex-husband Catherine: she complained that the man did not give her peace of mind and constantly harassed.

However, what we found out over the last few days, shocked the whole of Australia — the murderer was the father of Catherine, 61-year-old Peter miles. He killed his daughter and grandchildren while they slept, then shot his wife Sindhu and called an ambulance.

Former husband of Catherine Aaron Cockman told reporters that in recent times the family of Peter and Cindy miles has fallen on hard times, perhaps because of this, Milzow the problems started: first they lost their first son, and the second required a kidney transplant. Together with them experienced a daughter Catherine.

“I think if something happened to Neal, Catherine would not have survived this. I didn’t think about Sindh and St. Petersburg, but most of all, he couldn’t lose another son,” explained Kecman.

We also found out that the man had not seen the children for more than six months — wife of miles did not allow him to visit them. To divorce Catherine, he was with Malesani in a good relationship.

“I drove around the city just hoping to see them [children]. But now the anger seems to be gone, I’m not angry, I feel immense sadness for their children,” shared Aaron Cockman.

The investigation is still ongoing, but the police in Australia does not consider that the killings involved someone else.

Массовое убийство в Австралии: новые подробности

Массовое убийство в Австралии: новые подробности

Массовое убийство в Австралии: новые подробности


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