Mass ban “Kremlin bloggers” on Facebook


Массовый бан "Кремлевских блогеров" в фейсбуке

Facebook boasted that blocked 470 fake accounts and pages that bought political ads on Facebook.

After mass check on the accuracy of the data provided accounts have been removed. No sensation would not have happened if Facebook began to refer to the report of the NSA, devoted to Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election. By the way, the report itself, except to classified documents, evidence of the intervention of Russia no.

This scheme has long been known to all. Remember the report of McLaren, where he accused Russian state support of doping. A few days ago he withdrew his accusations. There is no evidence, but osadochek still left! Where are now all those media that shouted in unison on the support of the national team of Russia at the state level?

The same principle now I want to find the “hand of Kremlin” in a fake account banned on Facebook. Again no evidence of interference in the presidential election.

First, because all ads are reviewed by the moderators of Facebook. If it was approved, therefore, does not contradict the rules of the service, which is actively fighting against fakes.

Secondly, in Russia there are many NGOs, who cared for the rights of the “downtrodden” of the LGBT community. These communities are openly sponsored from abroad and nobody accuses of undermining the traditional values of Russians.

Thirdly, there are suspicions that Facebook fights fakes selectively. The recent hype around Burma (Myanma) began with fakes two years ago. They now live happily, though there are many revelations of those photos published a few years ago.

Массовый бан "Кремлевских блогеров" в фейсбуке


Under this post wrote that it was fake and sent not one complaint, but it is still not removed. On the contrary, it is actively distributed. 5400 posts!

Actually pictures of Tibetan monks helping victims of the earthquake in China.

Here’s another post about the “atrocities” in Burma. Which for some reason no of information that are subjected to persecution, the people supporting the army Rohingya have committed several attacks on police station and desecrating Buddhist shrines. Who is this barbarian? — the question is quite controversial.

Why it took Facebook to spread false information about Burma? Why social network that actively fights fakes bypasses this theme party?

It is believed that thus wanted to set Muslims living in Russia against the Kremlin, which from the 2000s supplying to the government of Myanmar weapons and endorses the suppression of activity of terrorist groups. As a result, it took 2 unauthorized rally, which could seriously affect the political situation in Russia.

Conclusion: Despite the fact that Facebook has learned to ban the fake accounts, fake news is not. The administration of Facebook does not notice them, but misses no opportunity to suspect Russia of trying to influence the presidential elections in the United States. I wonder who is behind the stuffing about Burma (Myanmar)? And why is not being investigated for this reason?



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