Masha Efrosinina showed a photo with her younger sister


Fans are in awe of how similar sisters.

And let many celebrities don’t want to talk about his personal life to fans, there are those who do not hide no husband, no children, no parents and sisters. And correctly.

People who are closely watching the work of a single person, sometimes it is very interesting to learn about his personal life. Masha Efrosinina definitely understand this, and because quite often shares with followers in social media frames depicting with loved ones.

So, the other day Mary posted a photo on which poses with younger sister Lisa. Despite the fact that the graph of the two women painted by leaps and bounds, they still find the time to meet and hold in place.

And to make a joint photo, which, by the way, they are very similar. Well, how not cool, and the most valuable thing in our life is family.


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