Markets in different countries, attracting crowds of tourists. Photo


Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. ФотоHere is something to see.

We all periodically go to the markets, but sometimes do not think how exotic and unusual they may be. We suggest to familiarize with the most extraordinary markets in the world.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

1. The Queen Victoria market, Australia

The Queen Victoria market, also known as Vic market is located in one of the business districts of Melbourne. Impressive age of the market – over 130 years – speaks for itself: so far, the Bazaar is a favorite place of locals and tourists alike. Shopping area of about 7 hectares, and the rooftop mounted solar panels. And here you can buy unusual for us meat kangaroo or Koala.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

2. Kashgar market, China

Kashgar market is open every Sunday for the past many centuries. It impresses with its size and the variety of goods. And of course, the authenticity: so far, the goods here are delivered by using donkeys and carts. After going to this market will not need somewhere something to buy, as is often the case – you can find not only the traditional fruits, vegetables, nuts or spices, but more exotic products, such as skewers of lamb.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

3. Viktualienmarkt, Germany

Unlike the traditional Sunday market in Kashgar, the Viktualienmarkt is open every day, except Sundays and holidays. The name comes from the Latin victus, a product stock. The market covers an area comparable in size to three football pitches, and his age has more than 200 years. In the centre of the Viktualienmarkt is the “may pole”. It serves as the main benchmark of the market and represents a pine tree trunk, painted in white and blue colors and decorated with flags and ribbons. The diversity of products the market will easily outperform modern supermarkets.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

4. The Market In Castries, Saint Lucia

The market in Castries is located near the Central square and the beach. Because of the awe-inspiring dimensions and numerous shopping arcades not to notice him would be difficult. In addition to traditional goods, the market gives the first variety of tropical fruits: avocado, mango, breadfruit. In addition, among the various products can meet the workshops of local craftsmen who work on the products directly into the eyes of the visitors.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

5. Borough Market, England

One of the most famous markets in the world is literally in the heart of the British capital, not far from London bridge. The history of the market dates back over 250 years. From Sunday to Wednesday here is wholesale trade, and in the remaining days of the week sellers do not deny yourself the pleasure how to haggle with the usual visitors. Even a single gourmet has left the market with empty hands: vegetables, fruit, and pastries are juxtaposed here with wild boar sausages and burgers with trapatoni.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

6. Market St. Lawrence, Canada

Grocery market in downtown Toronto was opened over 200 years ago and since then have not changed location. On its territory are trading more than 120 companies, and the market consists of three buildings. Locals especially appreciate the rich variety of delicacies and national products. Surrounding area thanks to the market has become a magnet for representatives of street culture, as well as taken a liking to its various entertainment venues.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

7. The English market, Ireland

The market in the city of Cork began his work in 1788, and it owes its name to the founders: at the time of creation of the market they were ruled by a group of Protestants who, in the opinion of the inhabitants of Cork, was “British.” So in Ireland the English market. Now he is one of the main attractions of the city. The Bazaar is famous for its meat and fish shops, and, of course, not without national products: “oil” eggs, black pudding and blood sausage.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

8. Floating market Cai rang, Vietnam

The market of Cai rang in its strategic purpose is no different from all the other bazaars, however, for tourists Cai rang above all the attraction. Because the corridor in which trade takes place, form not shop merchants, and filled with goods of the boat. The floating market starts at five in the morning, and by noon all the best products already bought.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

9. Mercat De La Boqueria, Spain

The Boqueria market, also known as San Josep is located in Barcelona and the first mention of it date back to the year 1217! The market building occupies 2500 square meters, the entrance is decorated with an intricate mosaic of glass. When you first visit the rows of seafood, fruits and spices can seem endless, and this impression is far from the truth: the range is really huge. In addition, around the market are small bars where you can eat well and taste the famous Spanish wine Blanco.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

10. Flower market, France

A riot of colors on the main street in nice – this is not a festival or a fair, is the flower market, working for more than 150 years. It is included in the city tour, it is visited not only for shopping but also for entertainment. In addition to flowers, here you can find almost all traditional markets for goods. However, before you opt for a specific counter, walk along the entire market.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

11. Tsukiji fish market, Japan

Located in Central Tokyo market is one of the main attractions for foreign tourists. Here are presented more than 400 types of seafood, they have a turnover of more than 2000 tons per day. Impressive is the unloading of the tuna auction: the auction houses estimate the value of imported fish are doing the same and buyers. After bidding the party of tuna either go on the shelves for cutting and subsequent sale, or follow up with the sellers further along the route for trades elsewhere. The only inconvenience for tourists: the market starts at five in the morning, by 11 am most of the shops already closed.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

12. Grand Bazaar, Turkey

Grand Bazaar located in Istanbul is one of its main attractions. Market history starts in 1461, and under its roof there are more than 5000 stores. They can find almost everything, but for visitors to the city are especially valuable shops with Turkish specialty sweets and snacks. Thanks old glory, the market is visited by a huge number of tourists (about 400 thousand people every day), so compared to other trading lines city prices at the Grand Bazaar somewhat overstated.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

13. Creta Ayer, Singapore

Literally the name of this market translates as “wet”, and with good reason: workers are constantly watering the floor with water to wash away dirt and debris. The market is located in the Chinese quarter of the city, perhaps that is why traditional products are easily coexist snakes, turtles, stingrays and Chinese herbs.

Рынки в разных странах, привлекающие толпы туристов. Фото

14. Central market, Mercado, Chile

The Central Mercado is located in the center of Santiago and also has a long history. In 1864 the old market building burned down, with the result that in 1868 it was built new, which became one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. The market is famous for its variety of seafood particularly exotic name and all of which remain a mystery. Currently, there is not only the market but also numerous shops and cafes. Locals come here on weekends, and tourists marvel at the variety and cheapness of food.


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