“Mariupol” refused “Dynamo” in the replay match of the championship of Ukraine


“Mariupol” do not agree to replay the controversial match of the championship against Ukraine Kiev “Dynamo”.

Meeting “Mariupol” and “Dynamo” was to be held on 27 August in the seventh round of the Premier League, but Kiev refused without any guarantees of security refused to come in front of the city.

On the eve of the information appeared that the “Dynamo” after the intervention of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko changed his position and ready to come to Mariupol.

The appeal Committee of the football Federation of Ukraine could be on November 14 to assign the replay of the match between “Mariupol” and “Dynamo”, if each of the 11 Premier League clubs supported the holding of this match.

Now, “Mariupol” made an official statement on the scandalous match against “Dynamo”. The club from the same city refused to Kiev in the playoff match of the seventh round.

Inbox the club and our club phone line, after today’s crackdown on the wave of rumors and speculation on the Internet, pluck circulation fans “Mariupol” requests, no – demands, in any case not to go on about our valued partners from Kiev, and not
to replay failed in August football matches.

Well, friends, don’t worry – we value our name and our reputation, so no do-overs will not” – said Vice-President of “Mariupol” Andrey Sanin.

Note that in the case of replay of the match Mariupol may lose a place in the top 6, and “Dynamo” to close the gap on Shakhtar to four points.


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