Manufacturers of smart watches are faced with a serious problem


Производители смарт-часов столкнулись с серьезной проблемой Gadgets on the Android Wear may soon disappear from the market.

American Google for the past several years has been developing and improving the operating system Android Wear, designed for use on smartwatches. Its proprietary products based on this OS are produced by many manufacturers, including LG and Motorola, but soon “the search giant” can officially refuse to continue to support its proprietary operating system, but not by his own will.

As writes Ars Technica, Qualcomm decided to abandon the development of new processors for smart watches. Almost all watches on Android Wear, used its components to find a replacement which the market is virtually impossible. First, all the manufacturers of wrist electronic devices used custom processors designed for smartphones, but in 2016, the need for it anymore, as was represented by a Snapdragon chip Wear 2100.

Snapdragon Wear 2100 Qualcomm announced in early 2016, is intended solely for use in smartwatches. However, since then, the U.S. chipmaker it so never and has not updated, so it is already very much outdated. This chip is made on 28-nm tehprotsessu, which was considered outdated even at the beginning of sales of the main component.

Qualcomm recently turned to the production of Snapdragon Wear 2100, but have not announced a new version of this processor. It can only talk about what the market of smart hours her more interesting, and if it is really something all manufacturers Android Wear watch, which is now very little need to look for some alternative components for its products. Amid the already weak popularity of such wrist devices, Google can stop developing an operating system for smart watches, as the costs will not pay off.


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