“Man of the year” from Time magazine took an unexpected decision


«Человек года» от Time: журнал принял неожиданное решениеThe magazine presented the nomination of the whole motion #MeToo.

Time magazine named “man of the year” movement #MeToo, people who joined the movement were told about sexual harassment in social media by using a unifying hashtag #MeToo.

In particular, among the Silence Breakers (“those who broke the silence”), the singer Taylor swift, actress and Director rose McGowan, actress Ashley Judd.

The movement was launched by actress alyssa Milano. A friend sent Alice a message about the harassment to her. Everyone who also became a victim of the disorderly conduct, the actress is called to put the hashtag #MeToo and tell their story.

#MeToo aims to shed light on the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault, launched after allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, and dozens of other famous men in Hollywood, the media, business and politics.

Recall, October 5 NYT has published details about how the producer of The Weinstein Company Harvey Weinstein has exceeded his authority and bowed hired Actresses to have sex.

Harassment on the part of the producer, said several popular Actresses including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento, Ashley Judd, rose McGowan, Lucia Evans, Romola Garay and others.
After in Hollywood have begun to follow the message about harassment. Among the accused, Kavir spacey, Charlie sheen, Steven Seagal, and so on.

«Человек года» от Time: журнал принял неожиданное решение


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