Man accused of raping stepdaughter in captivity which bore him 9 children


Мужчину обвинили в изнасиловании падчерицы которая в плену родила ему 9 детей

In Oklahoma, 63-year-old man was charged with kidnapping his stepdaughter and held her captive for 19 years.

Rosalyn Michelle McGinnis lived in the city Wagoner, Oklahoma. The girl was about 11 years old when his stepfather took her in a van and she “married” him. Then Piett “gave her a ring”and stole McGinnis.

After that, they traveled to USA and Mexicoand returned to Oklahoma to send emails. According to the girl, the man changed his name for himself and his companion a few times so that they are not able to find.

Before McGinnis was 18 years old, she gave birth to Piatto two children, and then seven more. For 19 years she was subjected to rape, beating and strangulation to the point of unconsciousness. The woman stated under oath that, holding her in captivity, Platt repeatedly beat her with a baseball bat.

In June 2016 McGinnis, who is now 33 years old, managed to escape from the tent in a Mexican village with eight of her nine children. According to court documents, she went to the US Embassy, after which it together with the children deported back to America.

Now she lives somewhere in the Midwest. McGinnis admitted that he does not hide from children the fact that their father is a rapist and a kidnapper.

A few days ago, 63-year-old Plett faced state charges of rape first degree victim under 14 years, the abuse of a child and corruption of minors.

If a man is convicted of kidnapping, he faces life imprisonment and a fine of 250 thousand dollars. Support with the intention of maintaining intimate relationships with minors are punishable with a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a fine of 250 thousand dollars.

Charged with rape in the first degree is punishable up to life imprisonment. When the abuse children can be sentenced to life imprisonment in jail, for sexual abuse of a minor faces up to 25 years of imprisonment if the victim is less than 12 years.


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