“Make you a deal”: Zelensky appealed to Turkish businessmen


«Предлагаю вам сделку»: Зеленский обратился к турецким бизнесменам

Now the situation in Ukraine leaves much to be desired. At that time, as the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko relaxing holiday, the citizens filled up the contact centre of the city, “1551” complaints and appeals. People are concerned about the storm sewer, where the city again after the rain turned to Venice; overflowing trash containers; unauthorized trade and problems with hot water.

Unlike Klitschko, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky working tirelessly. Now the guarantor is Turkey, and tries to enlist the support of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

So, in the course of the meeting, Zelensky invited Erdogan to start working on the brand development of the Black sea. For its part, to increasing numbers of tourists, the Ukrainian leader has promised to legalize gambling.

In addition, Zelensky very concerned with the economic question. Recently the President of Ukraine has recorded a video message to foreign investors, encouraging people to invest in his country. With the same proposal Chapter Square appealed to Turkish businessmen. However, speaking at the business forum, the guarantor has promised that Ukraine’s economy will grow annually by 5-7%.

“Make you a deal: you invest in the Ukraine – I protect your investment, we grow together”, said Zelensky.

Everything else, the Ukrainian leader hopes to establish trade between the two countries.


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