Maintain Your Brand Reputation With Reverse Image Search


Maybe you have gone through the term reverse image search but have no idea what it is. It is not something that business owners are mostly aware of. But the moment they become familiar with it, they utilize it for the benefit of their work.

There are different tools which you can use to perform a image search. You will only have to put the link of the image into the tool, and it will provide you the links to all similar pictures.

There are different ways to this wonderful utility to get the best out of it. It not only provides you links but your time will be saved, if you search through images rather than putting related details about what is inside the picture.

Let’s have a look at different ways to efficiently utilize reverse image search:

Trace Where Your Designs Are Posted

Do you own a website or an e-commerce store where you use your own pictures for your content? Have you ever considered that someone can steal your images and use them as their own or without seeking your permission? In fact, it has become common now that visitors can click a photo they fancy, download it, and use it.

It is never fun to be purloined from, especially if you spent a considerable effort in designing the picture that is meant to be exclusive to your business. If from the beginning, you failed to insert a watermark on your images, start tracking your designs using similar image finder. It will help you to detect all the stolen images with or without watermark.

Detect Fake Stories Before You Share Them

Often, to create long-lasting relationships with other business webpages or owners in your niche, you share their stories with your visitors. The best relationship forming practices entail helping others so others will in return also help you.

But you need to be a little extra careful because the content or stories that you might re-share might not be true. Here’s a situation. Let’s say that you proffer fitness advice and found a blog or post related to successful weight loss story. It is possible that the pictures used in the story might not be real and is posted under different weight loss schemes. So yet again, image search can help your webpage to stay away from false news.

Earn Natural Backlinks

When you discover web pages using your visual content, it is your choice whether to give them an option of taking your stolen picture down or not. If you select the latter, consider it an opportunity for you to gain backlinks. You have all the privilege to do so because you are the owner of the picture.

Once you detect your images on several websites, email these webpage owners. In that introduce yourself as the rightful owner of the photos. Let them know that you are letting them use your work as long as they link back to you from the picture.
Building inbound links through this tactic is less time-consuming and easy. Perhaps, by now you already are aware of the fact that these links go beyond boosting ranking. They also help to increase webpage traffic, improve your online authority, and grow relationships with others.

Identify Fake People You Might Relate To

If you provide guest posting opportunities on your webpage, it is vital that other people who write them for you have actual profiles. Again, this stops you from running into problems that may occur later on.

Even though you are operating a business where you only connect with people digitally, continue relationships with people who use their real photos-not the ones who have downloaded from stock pictures sites or stolen from one of the Instagram profile.
Another scenario where you need to be wary of fake people is when you are bringing new people to your team. Whether you employ a content writer, SEO, or a graphic designer, verify that they are genuine by checking their profile image from the reverse image search tool.

All the discussion above would enable you to realize how the image finder helps you to protect your internet reputation and create your brand with less stress. Hopefully, you will start benefitting from these practical uses, enhancing the success of your business or brand.

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