“Mail of Russia” engaged in the sale of mobile electronics


The beloved “Mail of Russia” opened a new trading floor “Postmarket” a year ago, and tonight she added to different mobile electronics – smartphones, tablets and their ilk. No, it’s not the gadgets that disappear somewhere on the way between sender and recipient – sell new devices, warranty.

To evaluate the range Postmarket can be very simple: in post offices already issue relevant paper catalogs, where you can find about 100 kinds of products, including the products of the company Samsung – smart watches, tablets and smartphones. Of course, a lot of goods, but just note that all this will be of little interest to residents of large settlements that can go to the nearest electronics store and buy the right gadget without expectations and risks that accompany each mailing.

But the Russians living in the villages, by contrast, will be delighted with new opportunities – “Mail of Russia” will deliver the right device for just 280 rubles directly to your home or post office. And all is good, but would it not be better first to establish the basic direction of activity? After all, commonplace letter can go a few weeks, even if to the addressee only a couple of hundred kilometers.


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