Made in China: on the ancient ship, found things, made in China


Made in China: на древнем корабле обнаружили вещи, сделанные в КитаеThis suggests that the inscriptions almost a thousand years.

During the expedition, the archaeologists found a ship that still has remains of pottery and other products.

Because of this, experts have determined the exact time when the ship was sunk. The ship found in the Java sea in the nineties, researchers found that the ship sank in the thirteenth century.

On a ceramic dish found signs of “Made in China”.

It is established that the vessel can be dated to 1162 and 1278. One of the scientists said that the dishes has the inscription “Czernin Fu”.

It is known that the Prefecture up to the year 1162 was marked in other words, why the shipwreck was not informed of this deadline. On the other hand, the Prefecture of Czernin Fu was conquered by the yuan family in 1278, which was renamed the district.

In the end, it is these inscriptions have helped scientists to define the exact scope of origin of the ship.


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