M Delyagin. Today, the money of Russia being dragged all and Sundry


М Делягин. Сегодня деньги из России тащат все, кому не лень

In 2017, the offshore workers and the aristocracy withdrew from Russia 48 billion. It is expected that in 2018 transfers in Europe and Central Asia will grow by 6% to 51 billion. The reason the world Bank indicates an improving economic environment in Russia, the stabilization of the conditions of work and the strengthening of the ruble.

But why is this in the first place are those countries that are with us sometimes in the most unfriendly relations and even close themselves Russian schools?

Remittances from Russia made up of three major and quite disparate elements.

First of all, the remittances of migrant workers from Central Asia, the Caucasus, Moldova and Ukraine, small entrepreneurs of all stripes from Poland and coming to work of the Belarusians. As well as the support of friends and relatives in these countries, representatives of relevant diasporas.

The second part is the translation of Russians working in Russia, but a significant part-time living or keep their families or having a real estate there. This is the so-called “offshore aristocracy” and imitating her part of the “upper middle class”.

Third, the smallest part – the support of family and friends who had gone to Europe to study or to emigrate, but did not find there the sources of existence.

What should be done to restrict outflow from Russia through the gaps of this currency is named jet – they are not very large in comparison with the large outflow of capital, but still annoying?

There’s a cliché: the elections in Russia differ from Western ones? In the West all know the programs of the candidates, but to the last I do not know who will win. In Russia, everyone knows the winner, but what will he do next – a terrible secret.

That’s it, after Putin’s inauguration on 7 may, every secret should be obvious: who will lead our government faces which it will include, what it will do: a sharp turn to the right, left – or even nowhere…

But to solve the root of the question of suppression of this leakage it would be reasonable to completely remove from power the “offshore aristocracy” (which today gives the impression of a ruling class). Lead the visa regime for countries outside the EEU and not studying Russian language in school. Dramatically reduce shadow employment by the liberation of the poor from taxation of their income and permit the employment of migrant workers only for the work, which flatly refuse to citizens of Russia.

The recipe is quite simple and obvious. But who will – and will – be implemented? That’s the whole secret.


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