Lviv surgeons removed a 20-pound tumor


Such giant tumors are rare, and for Ukraine it is a unique case.

Lviv surgeons conducted a unique operation to remove a 20-pound tumor. It is reported online edition of the with reference to Galinfo.

To surgeons in Lviv, I addressed 60-the summer local resident Maria Klimashevsky. The woman had a huge tumor on the front of the thigh.

Because of this, the woman is not able to walk. The patient recognizes that long delayed trip to the doctors in the hope that “all will pass by itself”.

A group of surgeons under the leadership of the surgeon-oncologist Oleg Duda held a three-hour operation. According to the doctor, this case is a rarity even in the world, and in Ukraine this is the first time a giant tumor.

Over the course of the operation was observed by numerous doctors. They plan to describe a clinical case to the scientific community.

At the time of surgery the patient’s weight was 170 kg, after it is 142 kg. Klimashevsky notes that has come true her dream is to walk independently again. Now the woman intends to lose weight and change your lifestyle. This supports her family.


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