Luxury woman: Santa Dimopulos amazed fans


The singer boasted an incredibly beautiful photo.

Compliments Santa no end, fans love her new photos and she on it looks luxurious. Black top and skirt and designer shoes to look stunning on Santa.

Santa signed his photo: “on Thursday I get home. And I’ll be honest, I don’t just want, I’m afraid… As people of the sun and heat, I can’t function in the cold. No, I love winter – week maximum, with family, friends, skiing (the Board) and mulled wine. A month and a half I went into mode – 5/6 workouts a week and not a stick, and having fun! Proper nutrition, reading, meditation, health, communication – all right and on the shelves. I hope I have enough fuse to continue February in the same mode “Duracell” in Kiev. Because I was waiting for my son, my family, my friends to support!”.

In less than three hours, as new photos of Santa Dimopoulos has appreciated more than 10 thousand instagram users.


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