Lukashenko has advised the inhabitants of the country less “eat”


Лукашенко посоветовал жителям своей страны меньше «жрать»

Those people who do not exercise, you should limit yourself to eating. This opinion was expressed by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, it is quoted by “Interfax”.

“If there is no time on the sport — enough excuse to eat,” said the leader of Belarus.

Lukashenko is convinced that it is necessary to follow a proper diet. According to him, to maintain a healthy body is very simple.

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“In the morning — three eggs maximum, coffee without sugar, lunch — vegetable soup without meat, or a small piece of meat in the evening — cottage cheese” — told Lukashenko and added that it is also useful around the house.

According to him, the time for sport, you can find even at the expense of sleep or other pursuits.

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