Lukashenko: Belarus will not deploy missiles, if not to threaten our security


Лукашенко: Беларусь не будет размещать ракеты, если не будут угрожать нашей безопасности

The world has started a new round of the arms race, and the process is very fast. But Belarus is not going to host the missiles, yet security threats. About this Alexander Lukashenko said at the opening of the international conference in Minsk dedicated to the fight against terrorism.

“The real possibility of these weapons [nuclear weapons] in Europe, our quiet and peaceful, is a direct path to increased tension on the continent and a new arms race. It [the race] has already begun, though is very fast. You know how some countries are so “throws” the process is that during the testing of new weapons just dozens, hundreds of people are dying,” said the President.

He noted that Belarus is a full party to the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty). Not going to post them, as well as unwilling in Europe.

“We do not intend to produce or place such missiles if they threaten our security. While this is not the case. Hopefully, you won’t”.

He reminded, Belarus is located in the heart of the European continent, and everybody here remembers of those wars.

“They all passed through us, beginning with Napoleon and ending with the Nazi invaders. Every third we’ve buried the war — and didn’t want it anymore”.

Lukashenko called for renewed international dialogue at both the regional and global level to stabilize relations in the world. And said that we should not wait until the “giant something to say.”

“If yesterday the main problem was the problem of Ukraine, on Syria, the entire middle East and Venezuela, now the missiles [on termination of the INF Treaty. — Approx. TUT.BY] came to us as a problem,”

“Not only they [the superpowers] making the destiny of our planet, these great. Medium and small countries. If they don’t, so let’s discuss these issues (…) is Optional in the arms race to be the first to catch up, to overtake someone. And even a country with an average income can produce such a weapon that the rich will not find it”, — he reminded.



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