Luís Castro admitted that they did not see the penalty spot Aunt


Shakhtar played a draw.

The coach of Donetsk Shakhtar Donetsk luís Castro after the incredible intensity of the Champions League match with Dinamo Zagreb at the post-match press conference did not hide its satisfaction with the draw outcome.

— Do you think you could win the match?

— What happened before removal of Marlos (79-I minute Ed.), our team is absolutely impossible to find fault. We completely controlled the game. Well started, I knew that the first minutes will be very challenging, and the team did just fine. The opponent was always before the eyes of the children, took the ball to face him and not back, which is extremely important. Scored first. Dynamo responded and equalized. We continued to go forward, expected in the second half, something will change slightly, and was worried that our team will relax a little. However, all was going well until an incident occurred with the removal Marlos. After that, the game is very complicated. There were other situations: trauma Stepanenko, the ability Matvienko score, where the score could have been 2-1 in our favor. Then something happened that we didn’t expect the score 1:3. But we made the right substitutions, the team was able to react. Released on the players added energy. In the end we managed to do the impossible. At first we were upset, but in the end was glad that I managed to even the score. We have the opportunity to pass on. Maybe in this match we showed what football attracts millions of people. Thank you for your question.

— Why replacement was carried out after conceding a goal? You said that you are satisfied with the game until you remove Marlos, but after it and up to the goal Dinamo had a period of time without replacement.

— When all goes well, you shouldn’t make substitutions. We decided not to touch the team. Everything went on as usual. Was waiting for one goal. In fact, the replacements are when something goes wrong. And we don’t want good enough for us to adapt a new player to the dynamics, which was the boys. Moraes was great in the area, Tyson was responsible for the space between lines, Stepanenko worked on his position, ismaily with Marlos on the flanks… the Players coped well with their tasks. And then it all happened very suddenly.

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— How did you feel when the referee ran to watch the video replay at the moment with the penalty? As the bench took the decision, who will play the 11-meter?

— When the referee ran to see the replay, we already had information that this is indeed the spot to Patoo. If Tyson was any doubt whether there was a touch, something about the net we were sure. Tyson and Aunt decided among themselves who breaks through. It is a two player responsible for the penalty and do them very well. My aunt showed great confidence, had struck, and, as you can see, he succeeded. I honestly, for the first time in my life just couldn’t watch the penalty.


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