Low solar activity will cause the earth to freeze


Низкая активность Солнца заставит землян замерзатьAs a result of space debris hangs in orbit.

NASA scientists have suggested that low solar activity in the near future may lead to the fact that earthlings will experience some of the coldest winters in the last few centuries.

As it turned out, at the moment there is a steady downward trend in solar activity. This can be major changes. Scientists say that the upper atmosphere has begun to lose heat.

In addition to disturbances in weather conditions, solar activity can cause problems with navigation, and even to prevent space debris falling to the planet. Due to changes on the surface of the main star of the system is greatly compressed thermosphere, respectively, the total thickness of the atmosphere of our planet is also reduced. As a result of space debris hangs in orbit, thus clogging up the space around the planet even more.

Yet the record cold we do not feel, but NASA is confident that it can happen this winter. So, the last time a sharp decline in solar activity was recorded in 1645, and it lasted for seventy years.

And it was at this time Europe and North America suffered a severe cold, which depicted the story called the little ice age. Accordingly, something similar is expected this time.


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