Loving father: ex-husband of Ani Lorak showed how spends time with her daughter


Murat showed how resting with his beloved Sophia

Ex-husband of popular singer Ani Lorak, businessman Murat Nalchajian, which recently closed its Famous night club in the center of Kiev, showed rare footage with his beloved daughter Zoofili.

The girl lives with her mother in Moscow, where the elite goes to school with other children of the stars. Rare meeting of dad and daughter are fun and rich, but caring father gladly shares emotional footage online. This time Murat literally filled stories, pictures and videos of girls and showed how they spent time in Kiev.

So, Sofia visited with my dad in one of the capital’s schools, where even personally met with Spiderman, and as a present got an interesting educational gifts with which enthusiastically played right in the restaurant.

She also attended the rehearsal and even came on the scene. Proud Murat hastened to publish these unique shots.

In addition, together with the father daughter Ani Lorak built funny faces at the camera, singing songs and trying on masks are popular in Instagram.

“Dad and the twins. We’re twins. This is Murat Nalchajian and Sonia Nalchajian with you,” sang the girl improvised rap, with the approval of the Pope.


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