Love for President got under a skating rink of justice


Любовь к президенту завела под каток правосудия

A cautionary tale occurred recently in the glorious city of Novocherkassk. It all started with the fact that excessively zealous comrades, inspired by the words of the guarantor about another nomination for a fifth term, quickly rushed to raise turnout at elections, and at the same time and the fallen stars out of the “main candidate”. Literally. On the second floor of one of the administrative buildings of Novocherkassk hung here is a funny poster.
As always happens in such situations, the groveling was punished by fate. Idiotic neighborhood zaputinsky poster and the announcement of the provision of funeral services were appreciated by the citizens.

However, the story did not end there: novocherkassy sent to the Central election Commission and to the project Map of violations number of complaints, because the supporters of Putin had violated article 55 of the Federal law No. 19-FZ of 10 January 2003 “On election of the President of the Russian Federation”.
The result of the propaganda poster has been dismantled, and the citizen A. Sadchenko found guilty under part 1 of article 5.12 “the Production, distribution or placing of propaganda materials with infringement of requirements of the legislation on elections and referenda” of the code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation.

The moral of the story is: running in front of the Kremlin locomotive was not always ends well. Mr Putin already old, is not the same and, as practice shows, beyond the law of love for the leader is punishable.


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