Love for Cycling is able to prolong youth


Любовь к велопрогулкам способна продлить молодость

The staff of the University of Birmingham and king’s College London suggest to ride a bike in order to slow down the aging process. A study was conducted with the participation of 125 people 55-79 years, riding the bike, not Smoking and not had any problems with the pressure.

Men (84 people) were asked to drive 100 kilometers in less than 6.5 hours, and women (41 people) and 60 kilometres in 5.5 hours. The health status of these people compared with the control group (75 volunteers 57-80 years, but not engaged in sports) and 55 young men 20-36 years.

It turned out, physically active people, despite his age, has not lost in strength and muscle mass. Also they did not have increased levels of body fat and cholesterol in the blood. Plus, men have maintained a high levels of testosterone. And Cycling increased activity in the thymus gland.

In this zone, the stem cells turn into T-lymphocytes – protective elements of the immune system. And, as you know, iron decreases with age in size and development of cells drop. But to cyclists in the thymus produce the same number of cells of the immune system as young people.



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