Looks like new York city at night in quarantine. Photo


The streets of the metropolis were deserted.

The network showed photos of deserted during the lockdown, the streets of new York, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Apostrophe.

Photos in Facebook has published a guide Dennis Sansebastian.

“Night times square at the present time has become a very strange place. Instead of crowds of tourists buzzing emptiness illuminated by hundreds of light displays which are in an endless dance spinning the world’s most expensive outdoor advertising for which there is no one to watch. A little higher up the Broadway some religious leaders launched a mobile Church. A strange pastor, dressed in a jacket studded with colorful writings about God, reading monotonously and without a spark the same strange and very long sermon” — he describes the realities of quarantine.

The man adds that by this meeting is a homeless dressed in the costume of Santa Claus, but without a cap and shorts. He pulls an orange shopping cart filled to the brim full of junk and not interested in the sermon.

“When the pastor pauses for a bit, the space around starts to sink in completely insane for this place silence diluted only the occasional ambulance sirens, the glimpses of light displays and twinkling lights closed indefinitely Broadway show,” says the author of the publication.


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