Look like in real life the stars Instagram. Photo


Photoshop solves all their problems.

You in social networks and want to show yourself to the world with the most favorable side. People no longer wonder what you eat for dinner or what show I watched tonight — they need to know that you are rich, successful and beautiful. But what if that’s not you? Of course to use photoshop, and to give it all for the truth! On style “Instagram vs reality”, which shows what lies behind the perfect pictures on social networks, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to 4tololo.

Look at the stairs behind her

After all, in reality it looks better, why is all this necessary?

Her edited photo vs a snapshot of real life

Nice to see that people still play The Sims 2!

Bella Hadid in the magazine in real life

Instagram video vs

When it rains, but the hair is left dry

No, of course not in this photo, no processing

Instagram on the podium

This girl I love cosplayers, and she meanwhile shamelessly photoshops their pictures

It is so conspicuous a photoshop that wouldn’t see it only blind

What about her feet? It’s some kind of disease?

I bet she thinks well knows how to use photoshop

His teeth are probably still glow in the dark

Kylie Jenner on Instagram, and on the same day on TV

“I have no words to describe how it is impossible in real life”

Yes, it’s completely normal legs

And this is exactly people? And look at her hands

Instagram vs reality

How is she breathing?

This girl has made himself endlessly long legs

Instagram all look so beautiful …

It’s like two different people


Instagram and reality


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