Lonely Planet has compiled a ranking of the best destinations in the next year


Lonely Planet составил рейтинг лучших турнаправлений будущего годаOptimal for travels named Sri Lanka, Germany and Zimbabwe.

Experts authoritative travel resource Lonely Planet has compiled a rating of the best tourist destinations next year. Among the countries was leading Sri Lanka, Germany and Zimbabwe.

Sri Lanka was in the lead due to their developed infrastructure that has significantly improved after a decade of internal conflict. Also attracts the attention of tourists the diversity of cultures, local hospitality, and abundant wildlife.

The top ten countries included Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus, Sao Tome and Principe, Belize.

As for the TOP 10 cities, the leader is recognized as the capital of Denmark Copenhagen. Next are the Chinese Shenzhen and Serbian Novi Sad, as well as Miami (USA), Kathmandu (Nepal), Mexico city (Mexico), Dakar (Senegal), Seattle (USA), Zadar (Croatia) and Meknes (Morocco).


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