London: Russia has remained for 20 years until the defeat of


Лондон: У России осталось 20 лет до разгрома

The British magazine the Economist in the section “the next war” published a 16-page report on how new Western technology in the near future will make the army of Russia and China an easy prey of the Pentagon. Of course, it does not automatically start a third world war, however, if Moscow and Beijing are not suicides.

Note that the report appeared just before the message of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in the Big Arena on March 1, 2018. However, when the West was the first shock of the new “Russian missiles,” Washington said Moscow still we are stronger. Moreover, in America and in Europe began to appear expert evaluation of Stanislavsky: “do not believe”.

In short, the version of “the next war” given by The Economist, are still relevant to the Anglo-Saxons. They are, above all, it is noted that not far off appearance in the United States a highly effective missile defense, which would negate any nuclear weapons of Russia, including on winged media. The term we are talking about some 10-15-20 years. However, it will have to adapt to the new realities and to take special steps, which will be discussed in the conclusions.

Particularly enjoyed the British perspective the development of micro-drones the size of an insect that will destroy all life in buildings. Say, will only need to give the command, and after a couple of hours will only have to collect the bodies of the defenders. The dirty work will take over the killer robots, and the soldiers of the Western armies don’t even have to join the fire contact with enemy combatants. That is, finally, solved the problem of so-called “urban wars”.

The Economist reminds its readers that Russia and China challenge the US role as world policeman. The magazine warns that if such a policeman is not, then there will be international lawlessness, such as “the rape of Ukraine”, which took place in the spring of 2014.

Or take China. Beijing is trying to establish control in the South China sea, resent the British, if it comes, at least, of South American Bay in the vicinity of San Francisco. In other words, Russian, and Chinese — “a malicious bullies of the world”.

The Economist writes that, despite the fact that since 1945 the US in fact has not won a single war, however, America will soon have a truly “phallic proportions” of the innovation system destruction. There is a “phallic scale”, apparently, it is necessary to understand the political and military de-dysfunction, that is gaining undeniable forces after a desperate powerlessness.

If you translate the English forecasters to everyday language, an interesting picture emerges: over the cuff of a classmate in a school locker uncle Sam is ready to shoot the head of the offender. And “Sheriff” strength will return to her husband-the drunkard his lawful wife, who ran away to her lover. For disturbed the status quo and the sovereignty of the cuckold. In short, if the peaceful and voluntary withdrawal of the Russian Crimea from Bandera “Polye” to Russia, say, in the year that way in 2040, the United States would not leave a stone unturned in Russia. In any case, such a conclusion from the report.

In the meantime, before Washington are other pressing challenges is, first and foremost, the extermination of the North Korean “rogue nation”, even if the artillery of Kim Jong-UN is able to produce around Seoul 10,000 shells per minute. Despite the low confidence in the success of such a strike, the Pentagon should be ready to execute the orders of their President, according to the British. In their opinion, it’s better it happens today than tomorrow, the US will get a nuclear strike on his head. However, involuntarily the question arises, what, in fact, be afraid the Americans will be here any miracle ABOUT?

Actually, almost forgotten during the Olympics-2018 theme of atomic bombs the DPRK clearly haunted by the Anglo-Saxons, and so that they are confident in the inevitability of large-scale impact of the Navy and the U.S. air force on the Korean Peninsula. One way or another, but this page despite the potential for huge civilian casualties, will be inverted. If not trump, the next President of the United States, says The Economist .

“Even if China will come out the second Korean war “not a winner”, it will still resume it, and Russia, too, great-power rivalry with the West — reflect the authors report on “the next war”. Three decades of unprecedented economic growth of China is so strengthened the armed forces of China that the PRC leaders believe that their time has come. …The leaders (of Russia — ed.) ready at any cost to prove that they deserve respect and a seat at the table”. At the same time, the British believe that for this success, the Federation will pay the depletion.

Under the “China — winner” in the second Korean war, if she God forbid, will be understood to surrender to the mercy of his younger brother. By and large, imposing sanctions against Russia, the US issued a warning that China. At the same time London and Washington understand that Beijing will be severely insulted and humiliated. So secret opposition will intensify, including in the economic sphere.

According to The Economist, it was because in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, America has created a new world order, in which any country could take advantage of the technological benefits of globalization, human rights, democracy and the rule of international law. Without this — there would be no current in the second economy. But China and Russia have abused the American trust. However, although China and Russia gained power, however, avoided a direct confrontation with the West. For the war they will surely lose, sure British.

The problem for the West is, however, that the Chinese and the Russians learned to use soft power in the so-called “grey zone”, i.e. slightly below the level of risk of military confrontation. On the other hand, America fears an asymmetric response in the framework of “anti-access”, which are implemented both in Russia and in China. That is, both Moscow and Beijing, in the language of American strategists, creating on its borders “area of denial” to overcome that NATO troops will not. Because in these areas the army “revisionist powers” have incomparably more firepower than the expeditionary forces of the NATO.

The main idea of the British people is this: “America is the main beneficiary of the international system. Its soft power is patient and consistent diplomacy, used the last thirty years needs to be backed by a stronger army to force China and Russia to respect the international law.” Yes, America maintains military dominance, but quickly loses its advantages in military technology that have long made the allies confident, and focused more on the enemies fear. So, it’s time again to return to its former status quo, well, then liberal ideas will still prevail.

Note that The Economist in its report is based on the idea of global liberalism, which emerged from neo-Kantianism. They say that sooner or later the national state will disappear, voluntarily or involuntarily obeyed American rules and taking as the basis of communication English. That is there will be the great human Federation, with its capital in Washington, which will focus the best intellectuals.

Moreover, the underlying movement in this direction, because the world has more than 70 years of living without the world wars, and english is almost necessarily studied both in Russian and in Chinese schools, not to mention other countries. So, time is working for the United States and Britain.

Too bad that this ideal world, according to the British, cowardly prevent bad Chinese and Russian. If Russia and China will continue to impede the movement of civilization toward a brighter future, the Western allies need to unite technologically, sacrificing even his sovereignty. Otherwise, apocalyptic says The Economist, tomorrow will be too late: Moscow and Beijing, will turn to dust the United States and its allies. So America has no choice but to do the same with their enemies.


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