Lolita once again “put on the ears” Network


The singer shared a fresh photo, which surprised the audience.

Lolita recently extremely actively maintains a blog on Instagram and often shares with his fans with new photos and videos. At this time, the singer boasted a gift from a mysterious stranger-a fan who presented her a huge bouquet of red roses and their joint photo.

Signed Lolita this photo: “so I was not expecting came in the room, to see this Incredible baketime!!! We don’t know about You, but I remember like it was yesterday photographed at the hotel and Your bouquet in the “Charhouse”! Thank you!!!”.

But public attention was drawn not to the colors, and how much weight did 53-year-old actress. In the photo she is depicted in the company of an unknown man, wearing short shorts, showing slender legs Milavskaya.

In comments under a new photo Lolita broke out a heated discussion, during which the singer bathed in the compliments.


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