Lock Telegram: in Belarus have problems with access


The problem arose from some mobile operators.

Users from Belarus reported that some mobile operators no longer open Telegram. It is reported by The village.

In particular, problems have arisen from MTS and Velcom, this Provider also gives an error in the browser.

Roskomnadzor gave the Russian providers address Telegram to lock.

Tagansky court on Friday upheld the statement of Roskomnadzor about blocking access messenger on the territory of Russia. A separate item it was noted that the decision subject to immediate execution. However, the court ruled that the restriction may be lifted if the Telegram will give the FSB the keys to decrypt user messages. But the Telegram has repeatedly declared about the objective impossibility to fulfill such requirements.

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov said that “privacy is not for sale, but human rights should not be compromised out of fear or greed.”

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Meanwhile, thousands of people social network looks for ways to bypass locks, installing special VPN or proxy configuration. Durov said that in the Telegram you will use built-in methods to bypass locks and regular users of a special manipulation, to stay in the messenger, is not required.


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