Loboda has changed beyond recognition


The fans didn’t recognize Svetlana Loboda on her photos.

Svetlana Loboda appeared before the subscribers in Instagram image of Bob Dylan. Two black and white photos she captured in a man’s suit and shoes, with a wig of short black hair and a cigarette in his hand.

The first frame, the singer signed: “a new image! Neither breast nor You nose! Goodnight!”and by following the left this message to followers: “increased foot?! she smokes!!!! reduced Breasts at a time!))))) disassemble the headers, comrades!”.

During the night both photos of the “new” Svetlana Loboda “liked” nearly 75 thousand instagram users. In the comments discussion, which has no end, in General, fans appreciated the unusual image of the singer, and the haters continued to criticize her.


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