Loboda caught in a scandal because of the naked picture in Instagram


The singer used on his page a picture from someone else’s account. The pictured girl shamed star.

Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda caught in a scandal because of the “stolen” photo. The star published a photo of someone else’s account of what drew the attention of the owner of the last, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to korrespondent.net.

Wednesday, July 10, Loboda posted on his Instagram page a picture of a naked girl, standing on the head with his back to the camera. The singer has not indicated that the photo depicts not it, and fans were falling asleep, Loboda compliments.

It turned out that the anonymous account belongs Nude_yogagirl what I wrote in the comments to the photo. Stealing the picture was responded to by the author of the anonymous account. She accused Loboda that “faking it” and remove all of the comments with mention of Nude_yogagirl.

Also, an anonymous author noted that the singer has retouched the original photo to “figure look slimmer”.

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CELEBRITY PRETENDING TO BE ME! I can’t understand why would a person with 5 million followers steal my photo and pretend to be me!! What is wrong with people? Why would you do that @lobodaofficial ? ❌ On top of all @lobodaofficial MANIPULATED (stretched) for the photo to look slimmer. Unrealistic body image is a big issue! ❌ AND instead of owning up to what she has done… She is deleting comments which mention me and deleting my comments too. SEE my stories! ❌ Artist’s work needs to be protected! A big problem in digital media is people stealing the work of others. No respect at all. 😔 ❌ My photo is circulating in online news in Russia and Ukraine under her name. ❤ This Ps. Thank you for everyone who is helping me and commenting on the photo on her page. 1. My original photo ❤ this UPDATE — The photo was deleted and she blocked me. THANK YOU EVERYONE! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl) on Jul 10, 2019 at 6:31am PDT


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