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Verkhivka may be the best bait during the winter fishing predators. On the first ice, in a period of high activity of predators, verkhovka to use as live bait is very expensive.

Torment bass fisherman-galichnik empty bites.

In the summer, especially in spring, to catch verhovek easiest okleechnoj conventional rod. In winter the task becomes more complicated.

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Need to find a reservoir of warm water that is heated by a warm industrial effluent and verkhovka to catch with a fishing rod, bait, maggots or bloodworms.

If the angler don’t have enough skill to catch with a fishing rod, you will have to use the chairlift with the permitted dimensions and meshes.

There is a very simple and reliable way to stock up on live bait, and it is trivial to buy it on the way fishing.

All depends on how much you want live bait.

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To keep long verkhovka relatively hard, at least harder than ruffs or minnows. Although the fish caught in the Moscow basin with not very clean water, is quite tenacious.

In winter, any bait must be kept in a cool place, such as on the balcony. If the fish will swim in a home aquarium, it will take a very long time for their temperature adaptation to fishing.

Any abrupt change in water temperature will inevitably lead to the death of frosty.

To a temperature of minus 10 deg. Kanna or other container of live bait can be kept on the glazed balcony. I keep Kanna in the fridge with the Autonomous controller on the same balcony. In this case, no frost outside the window is not terrible.

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If the volume of the aquarium is not very big, and live bait you need to keep for a long time, it makes sense to equip the Autonomous capacity of the aerator.

At home the easiest way to use an aquarium aerator.

Aerator easy to make yourself, old very simple way.

This takes the camera from the wheel. The camera is connected the rubber tube on the end of which is attached to the atomizer from the aquarium aerator. The camera is inflated and the sprayer is lowered to the bottom Cannes or buckets of bait. To control the flow of air in the tube is attached to the clamp with an adjustable gap.

Almost certainly the aeration of water is required when maintaining and transporting perch and roach especially.


Water should be changed periodically. Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

I should note that if part of verhovec of bait fish during transportation to the place of fishing, is still dead, it is not necessary to throw them away. If you catch the current, and drowning bait can bring success.

Verkhovka to hang on the hook better using single hook large enough.

The leash on which hook is carried out through the Gill through the mouth and clings to the main fishing line. Some do the opposite, as you like.

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You can hook onto and over the front lip, but then you need to put on a hook stopper, otherwise the bait quickly “break” and run away. As the stopper used a variety of subjects, ranging from maggots and ending with a piece of foam.

After you lose a few precious zhivtsov, you will quickly adapt and understand what hook is better to use, and how best for him to hook live bait.

Should make one more remark. If you still have the stock a drowning verkhovka, put the fish in the freezer. They, very likely to need while fishing for pike and perch in gluhozime on the imitation fish or jig.

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Still, it is worth remembering that the fish can not withstand sinking to great depths.

Most often verkhivka as bait on Gerlich is used when fishing walleye, trout and large perch. But, there are cases, especially in gluhozime when is the best bait for pike.

Pike, however, there is a certain difficulty in using leashes. You need a really high-quality, lightweight leashes.

Metal leashes can try to replace fluorocarbon material.

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Despite the fact that the bites on verkhovka in winter can be much more than a roach or perch, the results are not always completely satisfied angler.


The bite was a bait, no catch. Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

Verkhovka often knock off the hook as perch and trout. Trout often prefer soft silicone with a pungent odor or an edible paste.

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Perch may ignore the bait, but wonderful to bite on “the devil” or baitless jig.

Perch is probably the only predator that from verkhovka rarely refuses, but there may be mentioned the problem with the fishing at depth.


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