Little-known properties of gooseberry, is good for health


Малоизвестные свойства крыжовника, полезные для здоровьяFew people know how useful gooseberry.

The gooseberry ripens towards the end of July, but much depends on the type and weather. Besides, for making preparations for the winter, experts recommend to harvest gooseberries 3-4 weeks before full maturity.

To enjoy the taste of gooseberries, it needs to be harvested ripened. Then the berries will be sweet and soft. A solid and sour gooseberries are better for cooking compotes, preserves, jams, and other summer pieces that will go in the course of late fall and winter.

Because of the unique structure and beneficial properties gooseberry is one of the products included in the Ayurvedic system of nutrition.

What about the properties of gooseberry could you not know?

Strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates the body from the inside. The fact is that this berry is enriched With vitamin C and many other substances that have a positive influence on health.

Prevents the development of anemia and increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, because it contains sufficient amounts of iron.

Prevents baldness. For hair care you can use the fresh pulp of gooseberries or its essential oil.

Takes care of the eyes and preserves vision. The gooseberry is carotene, which is considered the main remedy for loss of vision and common eye diseases. Physicians are advised to prepare smoothies from gooseberry every day during the season of its ripening.

Helps absorb calcium, and therefore very useful for the bones, teeth and nails.

Acts as a painkiller for intermittent pain, for example, in women during menstruation.

Cleans the blood vessels from LDL and excessive numbers of glucose, due to which prevented the development of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Improves digestion, because it is rich in fiber and many beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract substances.

It will be possible to pick fresh gooseberries to make a billet for the winter, especially useful is considered to be strained berries with sugar, which needs to be stored in the refrigerator, but the jam out of it too retains some healing properties.


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