Lindsay Lohan has decided to provide needy children from Russia


Fotodom / Rex Features

Infamous actress Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) has decided to do charity work. November 9, the star of “mean girls” and “Freaky Friday” was spotted at a private event at the London club Morton’s.

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Fund “Hope” and founder of the project Nadya Abela together with the jewelry company Damiani staged a traditional London tea party, whose goal was the collection of funds for needy and poor children from Russia. How to donate an old flame, Russian businessman Yegor Tarabarova unknown.

Fotodom / Rex Features

Fans are sure that Lindsay is not just called for tea, and to once again feel the “Russian spirit.” Speak, Lohan can not forget the former Russian lover Tarabarova.

Линдси Лохан делилась подробностями отношений в своем Instagram

"Инстаграм" актрисы пестрил "русскими" фото

Линдси и Егор были вместе с октября прошлого года

Егору - 23, но разница в возрасте не смущала звездную актрису

Счастье Линдси длилось недолго


Recall, Lohan awaits trial ex-fiancé Egor Tarasovym, with whom the actress broke up this summer. Egor accused Lohan is that she stole his belongings: a Rolex Oyster, gold cross and designer clothes. The value of the missing things Tarabanov estimated about 29 thousand dollars.


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