Liliya Rebrik touched family shots


Leading rest of the family.

Liliya Rebrik showed his fans a new family holiday pictures in Turkey. Famous TV presenter went to the sea with her husband and children. New images Rebrik has published on his page on Instagram, reports the with reference to RBC.

New photo of Lily posing in different looks including swimwear and bright dress. Herewith some shots of it alone, and on the other – together with her husband Andrew and two young Wild girls by Diana and Polina.

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In the comments to the photo, the presenter noted that their stay in Turkey has come to an end.

“So many questions you sent me in direct. I’ll try to summarize and on the most relevant answer. Why Turkey is a short flight (with children it is important!), The Mediterranean sea, I personally really like, plus a proven service. We love to discover new places and enjoy your vacation,” wrote Lily.


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