Liliya Rebrik has intrigued fans with a new photo


Fans have not regretted good reviews.

Liliya Rebrik joined the party devoted to birthday of the magazine “Viva!”, like many of her stellar colleagues. The TV presenter has chosen for the release of the luxurious sparkly dress, which was photographed on the background of hearts with flowers.

Ex-moderator of the project “tantsyuyut VSI” put a new picture in Instagram and Facebook and signed it as “Beautiful Vecr. I’m at Viva! Ball!”. And in the comments received the following feedback: “absolutely beautiful!!!”, “Yak always Garnier getragen”, “Yak ti harnyunya!”, “Lily,you’re beautiful!!! Again you expect?”.

By the way, the rumors about the pregnancy Lily Rebrik go for several months, they may not be groundless, but official confirmation from the presenter was not, therefore, about the new addition to her family too early to tell.


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