“Like you, we kill”: in Voronezh frequent violent attacks on activists


"Таких, как ты, будем убивать": в Воронеже участились жестокие нападения на активистов

Every week the Voronezh opposition activists come to Hyde Park at a cinema “the Proletarian” in Voronezh and peacefully stand with posters “Putin is not our President”, “Kill the slave inside yourself”, “Freedom to political prisoners”. Most often it is the same people; they have discuss policies and problems of life in Russia.

Often activists have to respond to the criticism of passers-by and to listen to their insults. More mass protests break provocateurs with flour and Zelenka. But last year the persecution began to wear a much more cruel nature: activists began to beat unknown.

On the night of December 1, 2017 near his home was beaten with baseball bats Yuri Shamarin, 21 November the same year he received a head injury from a blow with brass knuckles Dmitry Vorob. In the summer of 2017 unknown bits caught sleeping pensioner Stanislav Egorov in his own apartment. In the fall of 2016, three men beat Ksenia Sychev, when she went to stop the picket.

“We live with a feeling of complete impunity. In 2015 on the March in memory of Boris Nemtsov us threw bubbles with green paint, and no one was punished. When we were picketing for peace with Ukraine, we were under constant attack. Mostly, attacks occur after the shares of the opposition. Doing this, those who are confident in their impunity, and this confidence can only give a proximity to power,” — said the activist of the regional branch of the movement “Open Russia” Vladislav film.

“How much you paid the shop?”

On the evening of 21 November 2017 Dmitry Vorob came home with another picket in his hands he carried the poster “to Putin and his gebistskaya brigade — off!”. The activist opened the door, when there appeared a man in a hooded jacket. At first Dmitri didn’t pay attention to it.

The stranger walked into the entrance followed by Vorob, attacked him from behind, pinned to the railing of the stairs and hit twice on the head — according to Dmitry, “probably pointed knuckles”.

“I tried to resist. Remember that my question is “how much do you pay to the shop”, he said “kill”,” — said Vorob.

Unknown framed Dmitry tripped, and he fell. Activist prepared for the fact that it will be kicking, but suddenly the man started to take pictures, and then disappeared.

Vorob went up to his apartment and saw that his head wounds. He smeared them with toothpaste and jammed pieces of paper. “An ambulance call I did not, because coped with these wounds on their own — a few hours later the blood ceased to go. I did not call the police — I have no doubt that this attack was organized by the authorities: no other “enemies” I have not. Hoped that the police would be seriously to look for someone else, seemed meaningless,” — said the activist.

According to him, the police have another reason not to respond to his complaint. In October 1982 Mr categorically refused to go to the army, and was “hospitalized” for a few weeks. “I then put a specially invented in the Soviet Union for dissidents diagnosis not recognized by doctors either in the West or even in the world of “sluggish schizophrenia”. It is easy to guess, how would you react “law enforcement officers” if I had to complain about it or other attacks”, — he explained.

In the spring of 2016, the police and doctors force Vorob brought to the psychiatric clinic. He was forcibly given drugs without telling their names. Dmitry still managed to defend yourself: in the Soviet district court of Voronezh regional psychiatric clinic refused to Vorob involuntary admission to a psychiatric hospital.

Vorob published the newspaper “Sedition” (now it exists in the form of a blog) and pasted around the city opposition and anti-war leaflets. In addition, he has provided legal assistance who do not wish to serve the recruits.

Paid for stars and stripes scarf

November 1, 2016 Ksenia Sycheva, same as Dmitry Vorob come the next action of the “Proletariat”. A girl had a poster “Putin is a thief a liar a terrorist”. Ksenia was one of the Central streets of Voronezh — the street of Friedrich Engels, when he noticed that behind her are three guys. “At first I didn’t pay attention to them, and then I saw that when I stopped, they too stopped,” she said.

Girl in a panic began to wander through the deserted streets. One of them men caught up with Sychev. “They asked me, what is this poster and why I was standing in the square. I began to talk to them, convince them. It was a typical guys in jeans and inflated jackets, drunk they weren’t like — I think just ideological “patriots”, they were not employed. These come to us during a rally, join with us in tough debate, and then move on to screaming and insults. Maybe they were especially aggressive”, — says Kseniya.

Young people began to push the girl and pulling her clothes. Light autumn jacket with buttons undone from underneath it popped up the stars and stripes scarf “under the American flag.”

“Their eyes were filled with blood, “Oh pentecosta prostitute, he looks bloated at pentecosta grub. Yes, like you, will kill”” recalled the activist.

Sychev was forced into one of the dark courtyards and started to beat. At one point she fell on the pavement, it rained kicks. Ksenia lost consciousness. “I survived by a miracle, and loss of consciousness, after which they ran away, saved my life,” she said.

After some time the girl woke up and called an ambulance. Ksenia was sick — she had a concussion, and a touch of the stomach was very painful. When the car the ambulance arrived, Sychev told the paramedic and the doctor that they came to the rally, showed the poster.

“The doctor started to yell at me: “Sick, do you want the nineties again, you will see how we live well when Putin began”. I was not able to argue I was bad. The doctor said, “Get out of the car, I’m not taking you, you came to the only children’s er in the city!” We live called, okay? In the cities one children’s intensive care”, — said Xenia.

The paramedic managed to convince the doctor to take her to the hospital, because Sychev really felt bad, and the call has already been committed. The activist was taken to hospital “electronics”. “The paramedic told me that I’m not drunk, well-dressed, just suffered because of the rally. “And th for the rally? Che fight again?“ — here is started. They laughed that we came out against Putin and his government, took my poster and decided to “destroy this stuff”. The poster I took with me because there were footprints, thought it may help in the search for criminals,” recalled the girl.

In an empty emergency Department Xenia was held for four hours. She was crying, she had a headache, his face was surfaced. However, the activist visited, gave her an abdominal ultrasound, was given a certificate and was advised to go to a neurologist.

The next day Sychev went to testify in OVD on the Central area. The Department Xenia interviewed the investigator. Sychev asked her, is there any chance that criminals will find. “She eyes lowered and said, “You realize this is the political background. I think your business will hush up. But we will do everything necessary”,” — recalled the activist. Kseniya passed the procedure of forensic medical examination. The investigator told her to wait for expert reports and notice of commencement of the criminal case.

The house the girl met her husband. Seeing what he did to his wife, he persuaded her to drop everything and leave the country. “We had a tourist us visa. At first we just went to the US as tourists, but later sought political asylum there — when attacked Stanislav Egorov, I realized that Russia could not return. We didn’t care where to go: would a visa to Sweden, I went to Sweden, would be in the Czech Republic — went to the Czech Republic”, — said Sychev.

It took more than a year, but notice of the commencement of the criminal case the girl has not come until now. Calls the investigator either discards or simply ignores it. Ksenia was sent to the police inquiring about her case, but the answer is also not received.

Sycheva sympathetic to remaining in Voronezh familiar to activists. In her opinion, most in this situation affected by Dmitry Vorob’ivs’ka: “it has brought the case for libel, was sent to a psychiatric hospital, force-fed drugs, and he even has no opportunity even to go to Moscow.”

“Violence must not go unpunished”

Such cruel attacks on activists and human rights defenders in Voronezh was formerly rare, but dispersals of rallies and various provocations occur in the city regularly.

In 2013, about 200 people cordoned off the area Nikitina next to the “workers” — there was to be held a gay pride parade. They chanted “Voronezh vs fag”, “Roosters have no place in the henhouse”, “Voronezh — Russian city”. When the activists approached the square, they began to knock down and throw snowballs and bottles. Riot police took LGBT activists in a ring, holding them against the pushing crowd. After some time, participants in a failed gay parade went from the area of the paddy, and the remaining fighters for the traditional values trampled symbols of LGBT and giving interviews.

In 2014, the picket of activists of the movement “Stop Nickel”, according to the participants, came “aunts who worked together with the FSB”. Later, in place of the stock began to appear a group of people with placards: “Thank you Gordeev (the Governor of the Voronezh region. — Open Russia) for being such a great leader”. In the same year a member of the Council on human rights under the President Andrey Yurov received burns to his eyes after he threw green paint, the case is not closed till now.

At rallies in memory of Boris Nemtsov in 2016 and 2017 activists poured brilliant green and threw flour. Among the participants were young children.

“For “zelenoye” stories 2014, anyone not specifically provided, but there sticking out ears, the then acting head of the MGER in Voronezh Alexander Kaminsky. He said that he has an alibi that he was at this time, for example, a girl was. However, he was not concealing his involvement in provocative actions”, — told the Open Russia Voronezh human rights activist Natalia Zvyagina.

In her view, the current attacks do different people, they have no single trace. Unites these incidents only one: the reluctance of the police and the Investigative Committee to deal with them.

“Of the more than known to me 15 cases of attacks, the investigation is on five, but no result. We try to work on these stories so that they would not close. Want these people found. Violence should not remain unpunished,” sums up the activist.


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