Like a girl: Victoria Beckham wins China slender legs


42-year-old designer Victoria Beckham has pleased fans with a candid snapshot. On photos taken in the Beijing hotel room, a slender Victoria took a sexy pose, raised his hands in the shape of the letter “V” and once again demonstrated her long and beautiful legs.

“What a beautiful body”, “Victoria, I love you”, “You are amazing”, “I want to be you, you are stunning,” — left fans ecstatic comments under the post. Many have suggested that China Victoria arrived at work, and there will otsypatsya most of the things for fashion collections Beckham.

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Particularly attentive fans of Victoria begged her not to sit at the window, “because it can be broken, and there will be an accident”.

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In a recent interview the star admitted that the regular wearing of heels is not the best way affects the condition of her feet, “I just can’t wear heels. At least during working hours. I travel a lot and know well that in this chart the main thing in the clothes — simplicity and convenience”.

Виктория Бекхэм никогда не расставалась с туфлями на высоком каблуке

Она появлялась в них всюду

Даже советы врачей не могли изменить ситуацию

Была ли у нее в гардеробе другая обувь?

На многих фотографиях она не успевает за мужем, потому что ей тяжело идти

Однажды она решила положить этому конец

И купила себе кеды!

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