Like a dog in the manger: the Ministry of defense refuses to hand over the facilities to the municipalities


Как собака на сене: Минобороны отказывается передавать объекты муниципалитетам

The Ministry of defence does not invest in the maintenance of the part of subordinate objects, including infrastructure. At the same time to give his farm to the municipalities that are ready to support him, the office is not in a hurry.

At the beginning of December in Berdsk the Novosibirsk region the deputies of the several counties met the population. People were asking “servants of the people” a lot of questions, but one of the urgent problems was not within the competence of the authorities. It was about the poor condition of the second exit from the neighborhood on the South. While the road is administered by the military Department, to allocate funds to repair roads the municipality can not. Moscow, however, transfer the problem area of the administration of Berdsk meet does not want to go, that’s a vicious circle.

The defense Ministry refuses to transfer the ownership of cities and housing. In December, the city Duma of Krasnodar the letter was sent, in which the military rejected the request in the transfer of six houses down the street Dzerzhinsky. Houses were mostly inhabited by the homeless and migrant workers, resulting in debt facilities for utilities already crossed the mark of 50 million rubles. Due to ownership issues, the city administration cannot Finance the improvement of house adjoining territories. Now in the courts there is no street lighting and playgrounds, and in half of the houses there is no hot water.

“The defense, we were refused. We have been told that these apartments they need and when they will be used. When — is unclear. When they fully inhabit the person without a certain residence? When you take out the last plumber? When in these houses will cause fires?”- outraged the mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervushov at a briefing with the media.

No better than the tenants of houses in Krasnodar, feel and owners of the military buildings in Smolensk. The high-rise building on Krasninsky highway only four years old, and the walls are growing mold and mildew, the brickwork is crumbling, the roof leaks. Informed residents actively wrote complaints to the defense Ministry, however, they answered with the standard reply that will fix it until the summer of 2017. The summer passed, but nothing has changed.

An independent panel assessed the building and confirmed that the violations in the house really a lot. In the apartments bad ventilation works, fire alarm system is not working properly, pump station and automatic control system of water supply are not functioning. However, to the difficulties of the officers ‘ families who have waited so long for their own homes, in the military, apparently, do not care.

Contain your objects equally how to transfer them to the municipalities, the defense Ministry is not going to. It turns out is like the saying about the dog who lies in the manger itself does not eat, and the other does not.


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