Life or death: will there be a light at the end of October


Жизнь или смерть: состоится ли конец света в октябреExperts have estimated the probability of end of the world this month.

From time to time we hear about the end of the world, in the words of surviving the death of civilization almost every year. But is it so afraid, and to wait the death of all living things?

“Often the news of the impending demise of civilization will not mention the exact dates of possible end of the world or the exact reasons why this should happen,” continues Andrew Griffin. And basically all refer to the work of David Meade of Planet X: The 2017 Arrival, which refers to the destruction of our planet in October 2017.

The foreign Ministry speculated that a planet X, aka Nibiru huge will suddenly collide with the Earth and kill all living things. But really there is not a single documented fact of the existence of Nibiru, and the more it approaches our planet.

Back in 2012, when pseudo-scientists predicted the collision with Planet X, NASA made a statement that if Nibiru was close to Earth, astronomers would have noticed it at least ten days, and the planet itself would be visible to the naked eye.

Nibiru will never collide with the Earth, but people continue to write about it, spreading fear and panic.

Edition of the Daily Star stated that planet X is approaching, as one of the 10 Egyptian plagues described in the Bible, it says this. Is there enough irrefutable this source, and most importantly — whether it interpretiruya? For example, one of the plagues — the plague of gnats. But this phenomenon, which is due to climate change, it happens every year, and we’re still alive. So by the end of the world will result in more global warming, not a collision with an unknown planet.

One of the last times the demise of civilization predicted 21 August 2017, when there was a massive solar Eclipse. In many cultures, an Eclipse of the sun is a negative sign. But to worry about them not worth it, because they happen regularly.

Of course, the world would see the end of the world. But with 100 percent accuracy, no one knows when it will be.


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