Life hack: how to speed up Google Chrome


Google Chrome is untilled virgin soil.

Brand Google’s web browser includes so many tweaks and hidden features that when you learn about them, begin to earnestly feel LAMER and one is forced to ask myself, “what else don’t I know?”. However, the lack of deep knowledge about the principles of Google Chrome does not harm your credibility as much as your comfort, affecting the quality and speed of his work. Tell how to make Chrome no longer cause you to have irritation, reports the with reference to

The key problem Google Chrome is slow. She, oddly enough, stems from the abundance of features browser. Instead make a simple and minimalistic solution, the developers of Google Chrome bustles the broadest set of capabilities that provide a significant load on the hardware not even the weakest computer. Well, if something works poorly, then it needs to be corrected.

Stop tabs

Despite the fact that Chrome copes with the allocation of resources in the mode of ambiguity, 10, 20 or 30 tabs open at the same time is able to reduce the browser of your mind. Makes sense to close at least part of them, but it would be too easy. Specially for such cases there is extension The Great Suspender. It blocks tabs that you do not use, preventing the consumption of resources. This allows you to free up some computer resources. If necessary, you can manually select specific pages that will work in the background, and some are not.

Turn on hardware acceleration

The hardware acceleration feature, like anti-virus, appeared in Google Chrome a long time. It allows you to shift some of the load, which the browser renders on the CPU, on the graphics card. It will also be able to reallocate resources, for quick work like Google Chrome and the computer. To do this, go to “Settings” — “Advanced” — “Use hardware acceleration”. This mode can lead to a minor increase of energy consumption, and therefore to use it is still better only when connected to the mains.

Enable preloading links

If you are not satisfied with the speed with which Google Chrome loads the web pages we recommend FasterChrome extension that enables the possibility of preloading. This mechanism is triggered when you hover the link, starting download its contents at the moment, as soon as you brought it over the mouse. FasterChrome reduces the download time of web pages to two, and even three times, but very sparingly refers to Internet traffic.


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