LG will release a powerful smartphone V30s


This month the catalogue of smartphones, the LG replenished with new model V30s. Monoblock will be presented at the MWC show in Barcelona 2018, and it is almost the same V30, only with noticeably improved filling.

First LG V30s will get 256 GB of memory 64 GB of conventional V30. Also, the smartphone will embed artificial intelligence LG Lens, which will enhance your pictures. It is also possible to know the cost of photographing objects and translate the text in the pictures and to read barcodes and QR codes. It’s hard to say how all this will be useful, because the translation of text images has all of the modern translators, even in the mobile application of Yandex.

LG Lens is, in fact, Samsung Bixby presented a year ago, but still don’t learn Russian language, and therefore 100% useless. It is unknown as would be the case with the localization of AI by LG, but hopefully she won’t repeat the mistakes of the arch-rival. All other options LG V30s are borrowed from LG V30, and the new smartphone will arrive in late March at a price of around $920. With this price tag should wait for the release of the Xiaomi Mi and OnePlus 6 7 with more modern fixtures.


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