LG may release a smartphone tensile


LG has patented a very interesting gadget – a smartphone that can literally stretch out like an accordion or even a button accordion. This is her response to many foldable mobile phones, and this solution seems more functional than books like the Samsung Fold.

Of course, LG smartphone exists only in the form of sketches and three-dimensional models, but, according to insider information, work on its creation has already started. The tensile body (and screen itself) will transform the mobile phone from a compact means of communication in a handy gadget for watching movies or news feeds in social networks.

Stretch smartphone in length, and in width, to achieve the most optimal size. Case, by the way consists of several parts inside it did not prevent transformation. How soon LG will release this original cell was not reported, but it will have a very much – necessary not only to make a loose screen, but also to modify Android so that worked adequately for all possible display sizes.


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