Lexus and Audi have removed the advertising in Ukraine


Lexus и Audi снимали рекламу в УкраинеVideo for Audi Q8 was filmed in Odessa, and the new Lexus ES – the capital.

And why not? Talented professionals have the equipment – there are, besides, everything is much cheaper…

Almost simultaneously, two premium car appeared on the streets of Ukrainian cities surrounded by lights, actors, cameras and other things needed to create a promotional video. Video for Audi Q8 was filmed in Odessa, and the new Lexus ES – the capital.

In the short video presented Kyiv as a city of the future, although Khreschatyk, Sophia square and Hem can be found at first glance. New Lexus ES 300h also raced at the Paton bridge across the Dnieper. In the promotional video, the car is shown with a conventional external mirror, so is definitely not intended for the Japan market, where the new ES began to be equipped with rear view camera.

Director of advertising for Lexus made the Hatch Huxham, and the special effects made the Ukrainian production Studio, Radioaktive Film, which had already become famous clips for the groups Coldplay and Hurts. In addition, the participation of the Ukrainian dance team Apache Crew reports ТорGir.

The second video clip shows the arrival of a new flagship crossover Audi Q8, in the port of Odessa, where his with pomp and aplomb meets Symphony orchestra with conductor. Music – classical piece Dies Irat composer Giuseppe Verdi, was performed by the Odessa Philharmonic orchestra. Advertising is already out on the UK Audi channel on YouTube.


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