Lesya Nikityuk told how she was robbed


Lesya Nikityuk told about the theft of a passport

Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk always been known for his cheerful nature and ability to get into an extraordinary situation. This time host shared the story about losing a passport in the broadcast of “Hto zverhu?”.

According to Lesya, in 2016, she went to travel around the world with the travel-show “Orel I Reshka”. The circumnavigation lasted about six months and during one of the flights from nikitiuk stole the ticket, documents, and a couple hundred bucks, which she was saving for a bag is a famous Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana.

“To be honest, I’m not upset. Because at the airport there is an unspoken rule: if something is lost – sit down and wait. Will definitely drop back. So I took a non-alcoholic Japanese beer, sat down and began to wait. “- said Lesya Nikityuk.

Indeed, the passport and ticket to return to the Forest could. But the money – no.

Recall that the first success on television to the Forest Nikityuk came in 2009. Then she ventured with her friend Olga Panasenko act “Rollers Show” uncle Zhora. Two years later, in 2011, girls “lit up” in “Laugh comedian”. Then Les and Olga earned 10 thousand hryvnia.


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