Lesya Nikityuk showed itself in childhood


Funny snapshot from the past.

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk on his page on Instagram shared a photo of herself in childhood. The photo was taken in 1988. In the period when made this funny picture of little Les had chickenpox.

“I I vtrace. 1988рік. Chickenpox does not know that she has a photo with a future star. #beginelement #bainamerana” – wittily signed the nikitiuk.

Members actively responded to the stars. Many have noticed that the facial features nikitiuk remained the same, and a celebrity is easy to recognize. Also fans wrote that this goddess adorns even the chicken pox.

And some members decided that the TV presenter decided to share a children’s picture out of envy to Regina Todorenko, who recently became a young mother.

Here’s what members wrote in the comments: “Ahah, Todorenko jealous, Les?)”, “Leska’s as funny and beautiful as now”, “How much is there to you?” “I have the chicken pox and carpet”, “Bagina chickenpox is also decorated by”, “Like”, “Les still young and beautiful)”, “Very beautiful girl and now a beautiful woman, amazing, beautiful, smart, Les, let you all get you on the right track”.


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