Lesya Nikityuk boasted a beautiful tan


The TV host shared on Instagram a new photo taken on vacation.

Lesya Nikityuk a few days ago, flew to Africa to Zanzibar, according hastega that television star complements your photos, she travels with her lover, who is not show it to anyone, but only calls him “pole”.

In a new photo the Lady Le captured during the use of local fruits, particularly mango. Signed Les this frame in two languages at once, it was clear to all: “Ana dvci GTE Mango Dwellers Boule MCN phalanx! Girls eat mangoes That would have been strong phalanx!”.

Subscribers nikitiuk drew attention to her smooth beautiful tan, and it did him a lot of compliments. And likes fans Lesya did not regret – 4 hours put almost 60 thousand.


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