Lenovo will stop the production of smartphones under its own brand


Lenovo is very well known for its high quality computers and mobile devices, can stop the production of smartphones under its own brand. This is evidenced by fresh rumors from China, the refutation of which has not yet been received.

Major reasons for this failure have Lenovo no, but she now owns the brand Moto — he became her property after the purchase of Motorola. Thus, it may sculpt the logo on all their mobile phones without exception. On the other hand, who remember the early Motorola phones? To a minimum, and the current Motorola remember unduly expensive apparatus, whereas Lenovo smartphones have always been famous for an adequate price. Then the rejection of its own brand does not make sense. However, to solve, of course, not us.

We will add that next week, presumably, on 8 November, Lenovo will introduce two new means of communication — Motorola Moto M and Lenovo P2. So, it is P2, it seems, destined to the honor of being the last smartphone in the world with the Lenovo logo on the case. Is there any truth in these rumors, we learn already very soon. Note also that among the Chinese smartphone manufacturers Lenovo holds the position of leader, which confirms the high quality of its products and a genuine interest in it from consumers.


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